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WASDA was built to fill the gaps which can prevent talent at all levels reaching thier goals. Subsidies and Grants only go so far. WASDA's goal is to build the resources to get youth into sport, stay in it and eventually support those wishing to put back into their sports in the volunteer zones. 

WA National Cross Country team

The purpose of the project is to enable greater participation of current under age group athletes from Western Australia at the National Cross Country Championships outside restrictions of the school teams environment, where a particular school may not be sending a team. This will allow greater opportunities for individual athletes to participate in a national championship event which ultimately benefits athletes from exposure to high level competition. It also will demonstrate to other athletes the possibilities of competing in subsequent national championships, especially to individuals outside the school environment..

Como Hockey Academy International Tour 2017

International Tours are offered to Como Hockey Academy students every two years. Such tours offer the students an opportunity to participate in a sporting and cultural exchange with international schools all over the world. Often these tours provide an opportunity to participate in international festivals and tournaments. For example, in 2015 the students travelled to The Netherlands to compete in the 21st International Youth Easter Tournament in The Hague.

International tours provide Hockey Academy students with a platform that not only promotes skill improvement in competition, but also personal growth, stemmed from such experiences as home billeting with international students and their families. All tours are further enhanced by way of visits to places of cultural significance in each location.

Past tours have included The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, UK and Scotland.

2017 AMF Intercontinental Futsal Cup

Federation of Australian Futsal is committed to creating greater pathways and opportunities for all its members by providing avenues for players and officials to represent Australia in the Asociación Mundial de Futsal (AMF) Tournaments and World Cups, ensuring the sport continues to grow and develop in Australia. Australia will be represented in the competition for the first time in 2017. It is through these sorts of competitions that players and officials can measure themselves against the world's best Futsal teams, bringing back the knowledge and experience they gain to help push the development of the sport in Australia.

CFSB U14 Mini Futsal World Cup

Last year the Federation of Australian Futsal (FAF) signed a very important partnership with Confederação de Futebol de Salão do Brasil (CFSB). The partnership between the two Federations was established to start an exchange program for Australian players wanting to play and learn all about Futsal in Brasil and Brazilian Students wanting to come to Australia to learn English. Since then a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes with both Federations establishing their own National Interschools Futsal Championships and giving opportunities for Schools to get involved with Futsal at a higher level. However the most important project will now take place in City of Jacarei, San Paulo Brasil this year as they host the very first ever Mini Futsal World Cup for Boys aged under 14. As Brasil is one of the strongest nations in Futsal, this initiative is intended to expose talented players from Australia to the very best of the best which will provide not just lifelong memories for the participants but also significantly boost their skills. Coaches will have the opportunity to interact with some of the best coaches in the world, which will ultimately help improve coaching here in Australia

Cross Triathlon Team WA

This project is to assist a number of Western Australian competitors to travel to various qualifying events for team selection for the Australian team to compete at the World Championships. It will further foster the growth of the sport in Western Australia across all age groups by allowing athletes to test themselves against the best in Australia on some of the best courses in the world. The project will allow all athletes to develop and realise their potential and help boost the growth of this extreme sport in Western Australia.

Black Ducks National AFL Masters

The Black Ducks are the unofficial WA representatives at the 2017 National AFL Masters. The Game of AFL Masters Australian Football (AFLM) provides the opportunity for players 30 years and over to enjoy the game of Aussie Rules Football in a safe, supportive, family orientated and fun environment. It is an excellent way to encourage and retain persons over the age of 30 in Australian Rules Football, allowing them the benefit of healthy exercise on a regular basis as well as social occasions to combat alienation in modern society. The AFL National Masters provides a rare opportunity for players to travel interstate and compete against other states in the various age groups, allowing a much bigger social as well as sporting event to which anyone can aspire to participate in..

2017 Penticton ITU Multisport World Championships

This project is to assist a number of Western Australian competitors to travel to Penticton, Canada in 2017 to compete, including current World Champions Matt Smith and Janet Ferguson. It will allow other athletes the opportunity to test their mettle against the best in the world. The project will continue to allow all athletes to develop and realise their potential and bring back thet experience to help local athletes with their development and aspirations. .

More Projects Coming

More projects Coming